Can You Help Me?               


We live in a world filled with suggestions that someone or something can make our life complete. However, the real help we seek comes from the journey into our own unique spirit.


I belonged to a loving, supportive spiritual community in Ohio, where I participated in a monthly Sweat Lodge for several years. A man named Tim, who has become an important life-teacher and friend, was the Water Pourer. I learned a lot about myself and grew under his loving guidance and support. He helped me to find a different approach and understanding of my path and a new way of viewing the world around me. Also, through Tim’s support, I grew to know and understand one of the essential elements of my journey. I learned that we could meet people who could show us the road along the way. But, the ultimate decision for changing and growing or remaining static and stuck is our choice.  


One Sweat Lodge stands out in my mind, which brought me to this understanding. If you haven’t done a Sweat Lodge, let me share with you that each ceremony is different, with its own unique gift. During one of the hotter sweats, I was feeling a great deal of discomfort on every level. The Lodge was dark and very hot. I was sweating buckets, and my heart was racing. I thought I was going to pass out. It was at this point that I knew I had two options. One was to bail, ask for the door to be opened and just leave the ceremony. The other was to do something that didn’t come easy for me. And that was to ask for help. So, I shouted out, “Tim can you help me?” He said, “no.” 


“No,” I heard myself repeating. “No,” as in you are not going to help me? “No,” as in you don’t want to help me? Or, “no,” as in you don’t know what to do for me? After all, my ego assured me, hadn’t I done the right thing by asking for help? Or, was I begging again, I asked myself, wondering which ego voice was speaking. I have a history with a couple of different voices within me. Whichever voice was speaking, there wasn’t time to stay with that kind of self-talk. The ceremony continued. Translated, that means Tim added more water to the already glowing rocks in the center of the Lodge. More heat, more steam. The moment for discussion and decision had passed.  


Later, as I looked back on this particular day, I couldn’t help but wonder what I was thinking. After all, what could Tim really do for me?  The purpose of a Sweat Lodge is similar to any other ceremony I participate in; it is a mirror of my life. By going to the Lodge, I was presented with an opportunity to bathe in reflecting the light of my own life. I clearly saw how I handled part of my life in this instance. My question for Tim, asking for help, reflected the expectations and limitations I have placed on my own life. I came face-to-face with the not-so-hidden, childlike desire for someone to help me – to make my life and me different. Yet, in my consciousness is a knowing that I am the only one who can make those decisions.


                                                                       The Year Ahead –2021--A time of Change


“To everything, there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven….”     Ecclesiastes 3:1-8


The universal numerological cycle for the next year is the fifth cycle. The keywords that I use for describing the fifth cycle are “the year of change.” What is present at the beginning rarely exists by the end of this cycle. Sometimes change begins at the very beginning and continues throughout the year. The shifts can also occur on and off during the year. This cycle can be very intense and challenging at the same time as one has to keep up with the twists and turns that may come up along the journey. Whether it’s on a personal or universal level, what must be important is that the emerging energy represents our need for change as it is already in motion in our minds or the world, which will now manifest in the form of transformation over the next year.


For those who are unfamiliar with Numerology, there are nine cycles in total, each having a different flavor. Some cycles are active, while others are inactive. Some are better for initiating projects or completing them or changing residences as examples.


The current 9-year universal cycle began in 2017. During that year - the first cycle - the types of energies on this planet are the energies that will create life on this planet for the next nine years. (I took a minute to look back on the 2017 events. I am writing this article the day after the election. What appears now is easily identifiable by the events of 2017.) Nine numerological cycles are mirroring the planting season on a farm. Beginning from the planted seeds until the harvest and then the fallow or uncultivated year, the phases in between bring about different flavors and textures into our world. Thinking back to 2017, regarding the then world events, you will gain some understanding of what is about to unfold in the next year.


Here is the tricky part about what to expect in 2021.  With all the numerological cycles, the energy of each year is distinct with one exception being the 4th and 5th cycles. These two years are interconnected. So, we have to consider both years as we approach 2021 – the year of change.


Let’s start by looking at this year 2020 - the 4th numerological cycle of this current period that began in 2017. On a personal and universal level, this cycle is by far the most difficult of the nine numerological cycles. My metaphor for a fourth cycle is “a flight for freedom.” During this period, we become acutely aware of how the world energy is stuck. This is also true in the world around us. I often describe a log jam as a symbol for this period. Action needs to be taken by us, all our lives, by always “kicking the can down the road.” In the 4th cycle, we have to be objective about the log jam that is created; by being practical, see what we have left undone that leaves us with a feeling of being stuck. “The can that kicked down the road.” In the 4th cycle, we are urged to be objective about the log jam that is created and see is left undone, and where the world around us is stuck.

I often talk about The Greek Myth of Sisyphus when describing the energy of the 4th cycle. The myth is about a King whom the gods condemned for his evil deeds in life to continuously roll a massive boulder to the top of a steep hill. But his efforts are always in vain, for whenever Sisyphus slept, the rock would again roll back down the hill. He had to start his work over again each day making no progress. That is how a fourth cycle can be. Despite every effort made – sometimes even if it’s a significant and sincere effort – the results are still negligible if there is no forward movement. As we near the top, the rock rolls back to its original place.


It brings us to the point of understanding the changes that occur during the 5th cycle. When the 5th cycle begins, the “log jam” begins to break up. Energy is free, and change begins to take place in the world. For the most part, relating to the change that is underway from the previous year can be understood. We can recognize the change happening which is postponed or if the efforts to change is prolonged. It’s about those things that need to change in the world.


Then there are events that we may search for inner understanding. We may ask ourselves, how does the change occurring on this planet or in my life relate to where and when I was feeling stuck last year? What is the present content of this boulder, as it is rolled up the hill with less effort? The answer to these questions will have their roots in the 4th cycle; we have to look there to find the answers. Again, this can be personal or on a universal level.


There is reason to anticipate “lighter” energy in 2021. In the 5th cycle, there can be joy and happiness and a greater sense of freedom. Next year is a time to let go of the old and make way for the new. There certainly will be some relief from the challenging energy of the previous year. How we view the world, and what we feel is necessary to change at any time is subjective. It’s become personal because we are citizens of one world.


Now, perhaps more than any other time in current history, the world has again become polarized to an extreme. It is the natural ebb and flow of energy on the Earth. We live in a dual world – a world that continues to expand and contract as each year passes. As we move into next year (as with all cycles), the onus is on us to take a step back and attempt to see a bigger picture.


For many years, I have observed the numerological patterns in my life and with those around me. The reason for this is that life has cycles that are repeating in nature. It is the basis of thinking; here I am again going through the same type of events. There are two gifts in this regard, first is that with time and the energy being recognizable and familiar to us, that lessens the emotional spark. We have access to a much-needed report card from the universe that explains “how am I doing?” and “how am I advancing as a human being?” On a personal level, we have to take a step back and see how we have evolved. Have our reactions changed? Are we more loving toward the people in our world and our fellow beings? The same applies to how we consider one another as citizens of a world that is quickly shrinking each day.


As the New Year begins, there is value in remembering 2021 as the year of change. This is something to look forward to and expect.