Camino de Compostella Portuguese

Tentative Travel Plan and Dates: May 8th - May 20th, 2022


If you are like me, you can’t wait to be able to travel again. I feel confident that by Spring of 2022, we will again be able to safely travel. I am once again feeling the energy for creating a tour around the Camino de Santiago. It’s time. Over the past twenty years, I have lead groups along the Spanish Camino. This has always proven to be an exciting adventure for everyone who joined me along the Way. Next year, my plan is to revisit the Camino, but this time to experience the Portuguese Camino. I hope you will plan on joining me for this beautiful adventure.


The trip will start in Lisbon on May 8th and end on May 20th, 2022, in Santiago de Compostella. For this leg of the Camino, there are two ways to navigate the Way. For the first part of the trip in Portugal, we will walk the inland route, which is even more remote than what we experienced in Spain. This nature-filled trail will take us across vineyards, through woodlands, and into many small, charming villages. There are many YouTube videos you can watch that are filmed by Pilgrims walking to inland route over the years.


Then in the middle of the country, we will make our way to Porto. After time to experience Porto – the home of Port wine, we will follow the coastal route as we make our way to Santiago. This stunning coastal trail along the Atlantic shoreline is a mixture of coastal walking, forest tracks, and gradual uphill climbs. In recent years local authorities along the coast have constructed extensive promenades and seaside boardwalks to aid the Pilgrims on the Way. As with the inland route, there are also videos on YouTube of this portion of the Camino.


The plan to travel across the Camino, as I call it, the American way. This means we will have a van trailing us, usually no more than 2 KM ahead of us. That way, if anyone is tired or wants to sit out a day, the van will make that possible. The van will also assist us in making our way through the Portuguese Camino – a walk that usually takes about a month – in twelve days.


I am in the process of choosing the parts of the road we will walk each day. As in the past, the difficulty rating will be moderate. There will be no steep inclines nor steep declines. Those of you who walked the Spanish Camino with me in 2001 will remember how long it took for our feet to recover from the downhill walks we did through the mountains. The walk each day will be an average of walk 10 to 15 KM.


Each day will be a combination of walking and time to relax in the towns we will be staying in. As with our walk-in Spain, there will be one day off from walking. I have not planned each day’s schedule and will make that available to everyone in the next month. You can be certain the trip will include Lisbon, Porto, and of course Santiago de Compostella.


I have not made all the necessary inquires to give a price for the trip at this time. I am expecting it to be somewhere in the range of $2999 to $3299 based on current prices. This price does not include airfare to Lisbon or return airfare from Santiago de Compostella, personal spending, and gratuities. As you know, I have always worked hard to offer a “good bang for the buck” when I have presented a tour. I will be doing everything to ensure the same experience.


One last thought. I expect there will be a requirement to prove the COVID-19 vaccination. I have read most countries are in the process of creating a COVID Passport. I believe we will need some kind of document to prove our inoculation.


At this point, if you think you may be interested, please drop me a quick note and I will put you on the list for any future emails. If you have any questions, give me a call.


Buen Camino