The Passageway

A Weekend Spiritual Retreat

Savannah, Georgia

Dates to be Announced


This weekend retreat intends to provide a rare and unique opportunity for pausing, taking a closer look within, and exploring new ways for self-actualization. We are living in an age when we are searching for a deeper understanding, meaning, and purpose in our lives. The old wounds we continue to carry are the source of our blockages, as well as the road to deeper self-knowing. This is why our lives have a way of showing us the need for surrendering to a higher calling. We don't always have all the time, strength, and knowledge of how to do this. So, taking the first step can be the hardest. And for most of us, a little help moving forward is welcome. 


Throughout this weekend's Retreat, we will create a new, fresh vision of whom we are becoming. A variety of individual and group processes will be offered, along with periods of sharing and reflection. These activities will help gain insight and understanding about the various parts of our lives, including relationships, careers, creative expression, and spirituality. In addition, the weekend will provide the groundwork for focusing on the areas of our lives that are most important to our present life circumstances. Guided visualization, meditation, chanting, dynamic breathwork (rebirthing), journaling, and interrelating in small groups are some of the weekend activities. 


During this weekend retreat, there is minimal lecturing or classroom-style teaching. Instead, the weekend design is to have each participant continually involved. The facilitator's role is to set the stage and allow the participants to engage fully in their own personal exploration. The activities presented enable the group to access information individually; no right or wrong exists. They are vehicles to experience our inner guidance's extent and unique value. Imagine enriching our lives with greater confidence by feeling and acknowledging a deeper awareness of our intuitive faculty, the place within that truly "knows". Many of the techniques we will use during the weekend can be taken home and further enhance our personal growth and life path.


Our retreats include a wide range of participants with respect to age, geography, ethnic origin, occupation, religion, and background. In addition to personal exploration, this is an opportunity to spend a weekend with other people of like-mind in a setting that is free of pretense and superficiality. The foundation of The Passageway weekend is a remarkable experience of intimacy, trust, nurturing, and honest communication, which unfold among the participants as the weekend progresses. This unique atmosphere often generates collective group realizations or wisdom, more significant than the total of our individual selves, and facilitates community awareness of connection. 


In summary, this weekend is an opportunity to open yourself up to a new reality as you search for deeper understanding and personal advancement. The Retreat is designed as a stepping stone in your evolution. By expanding your self-perception and learning new practices, you can gain a new and fresh personal vision. It will also support, enhance, and propel your spiritual journey.


Steve Thomson facilitates the Retreat. He has organized spiritual growth retreats, seminars, and pilgrimages for many years. His primary work is as a psychic, guide, and writer. Steve brings his years to study, experience, and spiritual practices as the facilitator for this event.

For more information, please contact me.