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From time to time I choose a piece I have written to share with my readers. I hope you enjoy the topics and go away with new information and inspiration for your spiritual journey.

Meditation and the Psychic Senses

The Keys to the Universe

By Steve Thomson


The paths of spiritual philosophy and religious doctrine merge on a few points. The first is the existence of the Divine. Another concurrence is that some form of meditation is the path to the Divine. It is the key to the universe. Even though belief systems vary in technique, they share common beliefs. And that is through meditation; we can achieve higher consciousness and illumination. The ultimate goal being reachable, a personal knowing and experience of the Divine can be had through the sublime experience of meditation. By incorporating a regular meditation period into our daily lives, the veil between the worlds dissolves, and we can experience a personal and first-hand knowledge of the Divine. 


 As a byproduct, the psychic senses automatically begin to cooperate and function with the physical body during everyday daily life. The spiritual world is often referred to as the invisible world because it exists beyond the range of the five physical senses. In our equipment as physical beings, by divine plan, each of us possesses five psychic senses, which are mirror images of the five physical senses. Just as we use the physical senses to make our way through the seen world, the psychic senses are the equipment given to us by the Divine plan to travel the invisible world. They are the equipment for first-hand knowledge of the true spiritual nature of our universe.


Our first step to entertain the idea of having the ability to enter into a personal relationship with the Divine will start to create an immediate shift in our consciousness deep within us. The soul stirs from its slumber caused by an overstimulated physical body and begins rebuilding the connection to the Divine in our consciousness. This relationship, the core of our being, came with our first breath and has not left us. However, the demands of the physical, earthly life gave us amnesia.  


To think we can have direct access to all there is, the knowledge, the energy, and power behind all that exists, may seem far-fetched and beyond comprehension. Yet there is a source within all of us, in the very core of our DNA, that urges us to consider the vast and infinite nature of the universe. There is a primal urge to try within the range of who we are to begin making sense of the world in which we exist. The idea of having this ability and power is overwhelming for most of us. However, it takes time to process and assimilate. 


 Although it is the single most important spiritual practice, meditation can be demanding and challenging for most of us. During our meditation, we work to quiet all of the physical senses and withdraw the body's electrical currents into the spinal column. Once we have accomplished this, our physical senses are free of demand, allowing us to open ourselves to the more subtle energy and vibrations around us. 

As long as we are noisy and restless, feeding the body's physical demands, this connection cannot be accomplished.


For most of us, when there is an energy exchange between our soul and the Divine, there is little or no impact on the physical senses and little awareness of what has happened. This is especially true in the beginning days and years of developing a pure meditation practice. With time, effort and patience, we become more adept at quieting the mind and moving into deeper and deeper states of meditation. Once this change occurs and the habit of meditation takes hold, we begin to experience the effect of the energy exchange between the soul and the Divine in our consciousness. The results will also become very evident in our daily lives. 


A powerful peace can permeate our entire being in the early days of building a meditation practice. The everyday life events no longer seem to create the same emotional responses. With time and practice, the cravings of the physical body begin to lessen. Many people change the content of their diet, excluding meat and adopting a vegetarian eating style. And there is an increasing desire for more time dedicated to meditation. With the deepening sense of peace and harmony that comes from meditation, we can also receive information and direction in our lives. A feeling about needing to change jobs, relocate or end a relationship may become known to us.   


We are all adept at maneuvering our way through the physical world. However, the transformation that comes from meditation requires an update in our thinking and approach to life. One of our most significant tests comes with trusting the information we receive through the psychic senses during our meditation. How do we know if the information comes from some recessed part of our consciousness or the subtle vibrations of the Divine energy? There are a few ways to check whether the information we receive is soul-based or just our thoughts and desires. Here are some points to consider when evaluating your experience:


The information we receive is for and about us. We may receive a "hit" about someone else, but it relates to ourselves and our soul journey.

·      The psychic/soul voice will never direct us to harm ourselves or others.   

·      There is no emotional response by the body when we receive a "message." When we receive information, all is known, and the

        complete picture is received all at the same time, in a matter of milliseconds.  

·      There is no effect on an ego level or suggestion of self-aggrandizement.

Universal energy has a quality far different from the nature of human consciousness. In time we can differentiate between the energy of self and the Divine. 


It is hard to trust in the incredibly intense material world in which we live, constantly bombarded with sensual stimulation. Yet what we receive can be so important and, most often, life-changing. Therefore, we must practice being attentive and trusting the quiet voice. The voice in meditation, the psychic voice, is never loud and sometimes overlooked because it is seemingly unobtrusive. Once we learn to pay attention to what is happening within us and being received directly by us, we can begin healing our ability to trust and feel safe in the world in which we have reincarnated.


As more and more time is spent in meditation, the qualities of a meditation period will transition. With it come so many changes in ways of acting and being. There is an inner sense that begins to expand, guide, and direct daily life activities. The voice of the soul, which before was quieted by the physical senses, regains its strength and power in everyday affairs. Whether we choose to listen and follow the dictates of our soul-heart or act in a contrary way is our firstborn right, which is life action based on our free will. Free will and the desires it creates are what continue the cycles of reincarnation.


In time, with persistence in our practice, the next step will ultimately bring us to a place of communion with the Masters that reside on the astral. These energetic forms remain of the most outstanding spiritual teachers of all time. No longer will we need any form of earthly teachings in material form because we are granted direct access to the true laws that govern the operation of our universe. Sitting in a meditation period will provide all the knowledge we desire to acquire through books, workshops, or lectures.


I have had countless experiences over the years of first-hand communion with several spiritual Masters. Although I may have held a deep desire in my heart to have such an experience, it was never anything I was consciously working on creating. In truth, I am very skeptical, and each time I have had an experience, my nature has required me to work hard on integrating the event and not discarding it as never happening. One of the earliest events happened with Paramahansa Yogananda. Two years later, I learned who he was, coming across his book, The Autobiography of a Yogi in a bookstore in New York. Recently I had an experience with the Master Jesus.



What is essential for me to share with you and that in the instant of those experiences, when I had the first-hand meeting with these great souls, I was never given any commandment or message to go out and save the world. There was no ego-based, worldly significance. Instead, those experiences profoundly changed me, deep within my soul. I have no question that the effect of such an experience will follow through the remaining days of this lifetime and travel with me in all the lives to come. In my meditation practice, I aspire to those types of experiences, for the spiritual path is the inward path to the Divine.


On an immediate basis, I can say the random, chance meeting in meditation with a Master made me aware on one level of the change that had gone on within me. It wasn't fantastic, as our society demands something to be of value today. However, my experience was far beyond that. In those seconds, I changed and became a different person. It never seemed important to know what or how that was for me, but rather finding peace in knowing that I am growing as a soul in this incarnation.


I share this part of the evolving process and experience of meditation, not to hold myself up as an example of a highly evolved and deeply spiritual man. I can only claim the truth in the second part of this statement. I have spent many years explaining to people the importance of meditation while leaving out much of what I have shared here. Indeed I could recount the details of these experiences, but it would only add one more story to our world, which is already overfilled with information. I intend to motivate you to create a heartfelt knowing of what can be achieved in and through meditation.

Copyright  Stephen Thomson June 2023 - All rights reserved

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