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Evolving Consciousness - A Dialog between Two Initiates


This book is co-authored by Michael Guarino and is available on Spiritual development is the theme of this book. It explores the idea that awareness of the invisible world is an evolving process, and that as our awareness increases, our understanding and consciousness expand. Written as a conversation between the two authors, they share their experiences and perspectives on such topics as free will, destiny, the nature of identity, and encounters in the invisible world.


Each section of the book opens and closes with a dialogue between the two. The closing discussion explains how their differences in thought have transmuted into one understanding – a combined truth. Sandwiched between conversations are essays such as Is Karma Everything that challenges individual belief, and display how shifting values shape our perspective of truth. In a section titled Hitting the Wall they discuss how relationships, drama, and material concerns such as work and money contribute to our spiritual development. Essays such as Orientation Toward the Unknown provide techniques to understand belief and expand individual perspectives. Also included are methods to explore and understand states of consciousness.

The authors both share a lifelong passion for mysticism and truth. In this book, they recount their personal experiences, combined with information about various mystery schools, enabling the reader to pursue their own investigation in greater detail further. A primer for the spiritual path, this book is a celebration that allowed each author to let go of their individual perspective, and journey into a combined consciousness - an expression of the essence of our universe - the one.

This book is available on Amazon

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