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This new cover represents the second printing of the Secret Key. In the last few years sales have continued to grow, resulting in a new edition. The book intends to act as a practical guide to the spiritual path. The emphasis of the Secret Key is on helping the true seeker in understanding the relationship of our innate psychic ability and developing those skills existing within each of us. There are many first-hand experiences, as well as simple and practical exercises for assisting in your own development.

Here are the notes from the back cover: "Development of the psychic senses is the one right path to enlightenment and self-mastery. By listening to the quiet voice that resonates from within, each of us can begin to receive all the inspiration and direction necessary to create a peaceful, harmonious life. There are spiritual impulses received through the psychic senses during each waking moment that serve to point the way to the best path for each of us. The journey of the spirit - the single most all-important and irrecoverable path for every living soul - is not one that is meant to take the place of our livelihood, or our calling, or relationships in which we are involved. Instead, it is what underlies everything else and is the very essence of who we are and what we become. Where that journey will lead us is our great adventure and our great destiny and our great Divinity."


And from Cal Garrison, Author of "Shifting Poles -The Astrology of 2012 and Beyond," "Slim Spurling's Universe" "The Light within you is waiting for you to return to yourself. As you embark on this journey and open your heart to what lies within, let The Secret Key be the lantern that guides you all the way home."

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this book, contact me. Amazon is to expensive

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